Epson EcoTank L3150 Front View

The Proof of the Printer is in the Printing
The Epson EcoTankL3150 printer with its chic and compact design,innovated to seamlessly fit into your workspace is thoughtfully engineered to deliver exceptionally high quality prints for just 7 paise per black and white page* and 18 paise per colour print*. Epson also takes every possible step toensurethat you receive nothing short of outstanding speed and impressive efficiency from your printer. And we don’t just say it…we prove it!

The EcoTank L3150 was recently pitched against the Canon G3010 and the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 printers and lab tested in Japan, todetermineeach printer’s single page productivity performance and calculate theirindividual print speed.

The expert technicians of Keypoint Intelligence Buyers Lab were entrusted with the job of conducting the experiment in a completely fair, transparentand methodological manner. The evaluation process began by firstly gettingall the three printers and their printing related accessories accustomedto the present lab conditions. Next, each printer’s productivity wascarefully assessedby printing twelve single PDF documents,containing various files of low, medium and high coverage, with it. The print command was sent to all three printers from the same laptop and a stopwatch was used to precisely measure how much time each printer was taking while printing.

Epson EcoTank L3150 Right View

The EcoTank L3150 (at 25.95 sec print speed) turned out to be the fastest when printing each single page test file and in one particular instance, it printed at an impressive 54.10 seconds faster than the Canon G3010 (at 80.05 sec print speed) and an astounding 77.92 seconds faster than the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 (at 103.87 sec print speed).Neither of the two printers competing with the EcoTank L3150 could beat Epson’s impressive speed for any of the twelve PDF files they were made to print,thereby proving that theEcoTank L3150 has an unmatched speed and an unrivalled single page productivity, no matter how vividly coloured or densely typed the file might have been.

We at Epson love challenges and believe in uncompromising excellence and that’s why we continuously innovate and work ceaselessly to ensure that you receive maximum performance with least possible maintenance.

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