Epson’s M-Series Mono EcoTank Printers

Printers Offering Low Cost, Fast Print

If you’re wondering whether to choose between a mono laser printer or invest in a monochrome Epson EcoTank inktank printer, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s endless copies of office documents throughout the day, or a large stack of exam question papers, Epson M-Series EcoTank printers offer a fast, cost-efficient and dependable printing solution without skimping on quality. 

Before we look at why the EpsonM-Series EcoTank printer is a winning choice for corporates, small and medium sized businesses, educational, healthcare institutions, retail outlets etc., it's important to understand the fundamental difference between it and mono laser printer for black and white printing.

1. Low Cost Per Print (CPP) compared to laser toners:
The cost saving aspect of the M-series is undeniable and is its biggest draw. Consider this - the average mono-laser printer prints 2000 prints at Rs.2.74 per print with an original toner and this comes down to 1500 pages at 27 paise per page with a refill toner. Now compare that with the output of the Epson M-Series EcoTank-6000 pages per refill at a low cost of 12 paise per page. When matched against a mono laser printer, the Epson M-series is 23 times cheaper! This is calculated based on Toner Cartridge yield and Toner Cartridge price at MRP of two popular Single function Laser printer models of similar speed sold in India.

2. Fast prints:
Those in the market to buy printers for office use will certainly consider printer speed, and here again, the M-Series scores. For example Epson’s EcoTank M 2140 can churn out up to 39 pages a minute, whereas the traditional mono-lasers top out at around 18 pages per minute for draft text.Moreover, it can also print up to 20 images per minute for simplex printing.

3. Low priced ink-refill:
An original laser toner sets you backby around Rs. 3000 while yielding 1500 pages. But the Epson M-Series is easy to refill and costs only Rs. 699 per refill ink bottle, giving you the luxury to print 6000 pages per refill. Additionally, with pigment based inks the prints you get from M series printers are smudge-proof and water resistant.

4. Total Cost of ownership:
The Total Cost of Ownership TCO is the sum of all costs over a period of time related to the printer purchased and its use that include the cost of refill inks. This table below shows how buying an EcoTank Monochrome printer can help you reduce the total cost of ownership compared to Mono laser printers.

This table below shows how buying an EcoTank Monochrome printer can help you reduce the total cost of ownership compared to Mono laser printers

Total cost of ownership comparison is based on printing 50,000 Pages, considering refill toner yield of 1,500 pages, cost of Refill `400 & MRP of the Laser printer v/s M100/M105 ink bottle yield of 6,000 pages, MRP of the genuine ink bottle of `659 and the MRP of M100/M105 Printer.

5. Low power consumption:
Most mono-laser printers consume as much as 360 watts of energy but, with as little as 12 watts usage, the M-Series printers is a power-saving whiz. Given the current power condition of rural as well as urban India, it is economical not only from the point of view of refills, but lower electricity bills too. An added bonus: it can be used with a UPS if there is no electricity!

6. Eco-Friendly:
With less heat production, low power consumption and less e-waste from M-series printers, these printers are extremely environment friendly.

Here’s the line-up of all the printers in the M-Series: M100, M105, M200, M205 including new models like the M1100, M1120 and M2140.There are so many different printers in the market today and choosing the right one can be confusing. But if you’re looking for a durable, smart, cost-efficient mono printer that is future proof, your search ends with the Epson M-Series range of printers.