Wireless printers are a recent but highly effective innovation to the business printing market. With office WiFi already a firm fact of life, these printers are able to connect to the network using an installed WiFi transceiver. Once connected, wireless printers are compatible with all devices, and can be sent print jobs from anywhere within the network range.

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Photocopy printer

School and paperwork are as inseparable as a fish and water. Think about all the printing you have to do, whether you are a teacher or a parent, and you’re sure to come up with a long list – worksheets, assignments, question papers, projects, and sometimes even notes or accounts. Printing for schoolwork is also a year-round activity, and if you think there might be some printing respite in the summer months, think again.

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Epson Printer Online

Eager to begin the Epson home theatre experience but unsure of where to set up the projector at your place? Stuck in a dilemma of whether to choose the ceiling or the shelf for installation? Fret no more, we have assimilated all the factors you need to know while deciding on what suits your requirements the most.

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Epson Ink

When you hear the word ‘counterfeit’, printer ink is not the first thing that comes to mind. However counterfeit inks are becoming increasingly popular (and problematic) these days. Counterfeit or non-genuine printer ink bottles are built to closely resemble those made by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) but are assembled poorly and use low quality ink formulation.

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Epson Printers 

Cricket in India is so much more than just a game and who can argue that watching a match together with friends isn’t the best way to enjoy cricket? Imagine how thrilling a cricket match would be if you and your buddies get to catch all the action on a 300-inch screen!! Nothing short of the stadium experience, all from the comfort of your home.

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So, you are excited about your new console. Well, you should be, and rightly so. After all, you spent time and money to get the best specs to suit your gaming needs and buffed it up with suited controllers and other accessories. But wait a second, is your gaming kit really complete? What are you going to use to view your gameplay? A TV you say. May we offer you a better alternative – consider using an Epson home theatre projector. Here’s why.

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Buying a large format CAD printer is never a purchase that is taken lightly by an organisation. Architects, civil engineering designers and technical/machine designers are always looking for accuracy, speed and quality from these printers to make the most of their investment. But deciding what you want in a printer and actually finding one that meets your expectations are two different things.


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6 Exciting Reasons to Buy a Photo Printer for your Home


We always remember our first bicycle, our first car and many more that meant a lot to us. And photos are indispensable on the journey down memory lane. You can always find a printed picture of you as a kid on your bicycle. But trying to find digital pictures from the previous New Year’s Eve party is often a task. Stored on your phone, laptop, or safely secured in a cloud somewhere, the few photos that matter the most are lost in an avalanche of digital clutter.

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