Story of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Night after night, a Wolf prowled around a flock of sheep, but the shepherd always chased the Wolf away.

One night the Wolf found the skin of a sheep that had been cast aside and been forgotten.

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There once was an old Lion, whose teeth and claws were worn. Finding food was difficult, so he pretended to be very sick.

He ensured that all his neighbours heard about his illness, and then he’d lay down in his cave to wait for visitors.

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The story of two thirsty crows

Once upon a time, a Crow, exhausted and thirsty from its journey, landed on an earthen water pot. The water at the bottom of the pot was just out of reach.

The thirsty Crow picked up a stone and dropped it into the pot. The water level rose, but just barely.

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Like toasters and TVs, the humble household printer has been a staple feature of Indian households - for years.However, as times change and technology advances, the choice of printers on the market has made it difficult to identify the best model for your needs.So in this article, we're going to explore a specific type of printer that ticks every box from a modern consumer’s standpoint - refillable ink tank printers.

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Wireless printers are a recent but highly effective innovation to the business printing market. With office WiFi already a firm fact of life, these printers are able to connect to the network using an installed WiFi transceiver. Once connected, wireless printers are compatible with all devices, and can be sent print jobs from anywhere within the network range.

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Photocopy printer

School and paperwork are as inseparable as a fish and water. Think about all the printing you have to do, whether you are a teacher or a parent, and you’re sure to come up with a long list – worksheets, assignments, question papers, projects, and sometimes even notes or accounts. Printing for schoolwork is also a year-round activity, and if you think there might be some printing respite in the summer months, think again.

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Epson Printer Online

Eager to begin the Epson home theatre experience but unsure of where to set up the projector at your place? Stuck in a dilemma of whether to choose the ceiling or the shelf for installation? Fret no more, we have assimilated all the factors you need to know while deciding on what suits your requirements the most.

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Epson Ink

When you hear the word ‘counterfeit’, printer ink is not the first thing that comes to mind. However counterfeit inks are becoming increasingly popular (and problematic) these days. Counterfeit or non-genuine printer ink bottles are built to closely resemble those made by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) but are assembled poorly and use low quality ink formulation.

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