Epson L4160 InkTank Printer

Epson L4160 ink tank printer features

  • When you're purchasing a printer, if the initial cost is high, the maintenance cost is low. If you look for a cheap printer, the running cost is high.
  • The L4160 is an inktank printer, you don’t need to use cartridges, it's easy to refill the InkTank
  • The Epson printer is 3-1 and is compact. The printer weighs 5.5kg
  • Nozzles are unique & you don’t need to squeeze the bottles to fill the tank.
  • This printer is different due to the InkJet technology
  • The ink refill bottles start from Rs 400 onwards
  • The printer can be connected through numerous ways including wifi via phone
  • The printer offers good quality and sharp images in color, you can set up the print quality as per your requirement
  • Refilling the printer is comparatively easier as compared to cartridges
  • It’s easy to check the levels of ink through the semi-transparent panel
  • The cost is slightly high but in the long run, the printer turns out to be quite economical