Epson Ink

When you hear the word ‘counterfeit’, printer ink is not the first thing that comes to mind. However counterfeit inks are becoming increasingly popular (and problematic) these days. Counterfeit or non-genuine printer ink bottles are built to closely resemble those made by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) but are assembled poorly and use low quality ink formulation.

This brings down the cost and makes it attractive for consumers to buy them. Multiple physical stores, dealers and even online portals sell non-genuine EPSON inks. For consumers looking to save a buck or for the unsuspecting bargain shopper this can be a huge problem as there are many consequences associated with buying one.

Risks of using non-genuine Epson inks


Using non-genuine inks make the warranty void:
Perhaps the greatest risk of buying and using non-genuine ink is that, once used, the warranty of an Epson printer becomes void. Printer warranty covers a host of problems a user might encounter, and these are not limited to printer ink, so it’s not a wise risk to take.

2.    Non-genuine ink usage leads to printer damage:
Usage of non-genuine ink damages the print-head of a printer. Genuine Epson inks are specially formulated to be used with Epson printers. Non-genuine inks are generally manufactured using cheap and inferior materials. Further the poor quality of material used inside the counterfeit ink bottles can lead to leaks causing permanent staining and damage to the printer’s hardware.

3.    Non-genuine ink use result in low quality prints: 
There’s no getting away from low quality prints when using non-genuine ink bottles. Users complain of mediocre colour quality, splotches and streaks. Also, they empty quickly after purchase, as they are rarely fully filled during manufacture. 

Tips to identify Epson genuine ink

Spotting a duplicate can be quite difficult as there are many sophisticated manufacturers who work hard to replicate Epson’s standards of packaging. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible.


1.    Uniqolabel app:
To identify a genuine product from Epson, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Uniqolabel app. Complete your registration. Once this is done, the app will show the scan screen, where you can scan the QR code to know if an Epson ink bottle pack is genuine or not.

Epson packaging also has a Colour Shifting Label, to help users identify genuine Epson inks. This hologram shifts between bronze and green depending on the angle, to verify authenticity.
Epson Bar Code2.    Tell-tale pricing:
A significantly lower price of a printer ink bottles is also a clear giveaway of a counterfeit. Epson ink bottles at physical and online stores usually have a price of around the same amount. It is useful to also keep an eye out for trusted suppliers with good reviews to be sure of the legitimacy before purchase.

3.    Packing design and look of the bottles:
You will often spot some minor differences in packaging and the bottles themselves might be missing some elements. Another giveaway of a fake is usually poor print quality, as original ink bottle packs always maintain consistency in ink quality. Armed with this above knowledge, you would be able to protect yourself from the potential pitfalls that go with using non-genuine ink and use only original Epson ink.

Fighting the genuine fight


Epson is passionate about defending the business of its authorised dealers. To combat the counterfeit ink business and to protect the rights of the consumers, we conduct regular raids across the country. Operatives involved in filling, bottling, packaging and distributing counterfeit Epson ink, have been arrested by the police based on the information shared by the EPSON vigilance team.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you suspect you are being sold fake printer ink.