With Work from Home and Study from Home becoming the norm, families are realising that a printer at home is not just useful but essential. With office deadlines to meet, workplace targets to achieve, school syllabus and science projects to complete, all from the safety of our homes, our lives are busier than ever. The more demanding our routines get, the more we realise that the need of the hour is a reliable home printer that gets our jobs done at a reasonable cost per print, without frequently running out of ink, and without consuming too much power when in use. Here’s why that printer at home can make your life so much easier

1) SCHOOL SUBMISSIONS - When you need school worksheets to be printed, filled in, scanned and submitted. Printers are now available with a Cost per Print as low as 7 paise per page which means you can print without worries.


2) LESS SCREEN TIME. MORE READ TIME - There is only so much you or your kids can read on screen. Print outs are essential to make notes, highlight, and read large reports or chapters. The eye health of kids should really be a serious concern for parents.


3) STAY ORGANISED - Print outs help storing material sequentially for future. Our phones and tablets already have a lot of pictures and documents and aren’t designed for this. A multifunctional home printer which scans, copies and is Wi-Fi enabled can work wonders for learners who find organising their study materials challenging.


4) PROJECT WORK - It becomes particularly important for art and craft and science projects that need to be printed and worked on. And with EcoTank printers which have refillable ink tanks there is no fear of running out of ink. Some printers allow you to print upto 4500 black and 7500 colour pages in a single refill.


5) FUTURE REFERENCE - Print outs are essential for study materials and notes that are available online only for a short period. Important study materials are often shared on messaging apps and video calls but over time they tend to get lost in image galleries. If students could instead take printouts of these images directly from their smart devices, scan important notes, and make copies of what they need then revisions would no longer be chaotic.


6) PHONE TO PRINT - Essential when home and school documents are shared on WhatsApp. Print directly and wirelessly from your mobile device.


7) OFFICE AND HOME BUSINESS DOCUMENTATION - Office documents need to be printed and attested for statutory submissions. Businesses need to print bills, proposals, tags, product markers and more. And if you are environmentally conscious or work for an organisation that places great importance on this you now have printers that use Heat Free Technology to save costs and the environment.


8) STAY INSIDE. STAY SAFE - It doesn’t matter if the shops are open. The more you stay indoors, the safer you are.


In conclusion, when choosing a printer, remember that EcoTank printers prove to be economical in the long run because they feature an easily accessible ink tank, which ensures high page yield, convenient refilling and low-cost printing. Cartridge printers, on the other hand, come with a host of hidden costs like expensive cartridges and low page yield which further translates into a frequent and inconvenient need to replenish. Consider this: a single set of economically priced and easy-to-use EcoTankrefill bottle is equal to almost 50 ink cartridges!


These are uncertain times, and you should always invest in a printer which offers you reliable after-sales service and installation support. Reputed brands like Epson for example have a network of 416 service centres, across the country, offering seamless support for your peace of mind. Choose the right printer for your home wisely.


*This article is already published in Daily Hunt