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Epson Home Projector TW5650

 Epson Home Projector TW5650

Epson TW650 and TW5650 Projectors in India

With the IPL season on it makes perfect sense to bring a projector home. Not only will it enhance the viewing experience, but your house guests will love you for it. Epson has just launched two affordable projectors in India called TW650, priced at Rs 58,999, and TW5650, priced at Rs 95,999. Epson says the projectors are aimed at first time consumers who want the joy of a big screen in their homes. The TW650, comes with a high brightness of 3,100 lumens as well as an improved contrast ratio of 15,000:1 for enhanced viewing whereas The EH-TW5650 comes with brightness of 2,500 lumens and contrast ratio of 60,000:1.

Epson Home Projector TW650

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