Epson EcoTank L4160 Front View

When Elegance Meets Efficiency
Sleek and powerful, the Epson EcoTankL4160 is built to save your valuable resources. Its Auto-Duplex function saves paper costs and its compact design saves precious workspace. Own it to reduce your expenses with a cost per print as low as 12 paise*(for black) and 20 paise* (for colour) and own it to increase your efficiency. Small but incredibly mighty, the EcoTank L4160 has an efficiency other printers would surely envy. A recent comparative performance test was conducted by Key point Intelligence Buyers Lab in Japan to assess the single page productivity performance of L4160 together with the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 and Canon PIXMA G3010 and to come to a definitive conclusion about which device among the three had the fastest printing speed.

The test was conducted by the skilled technicians of Buyers Lab and they were thorough in making sure that all possible steps were meticulously taken in order to ensure a completely fair and transparent outcome. For instance they started their test by firstly getting all three of the printers and their printing accessories like paper and cartridges accustomed to the current lab conditions and they made it a point to check that all the separate printer related parts were protected from exposure to condensation.

Epson EcoTank L4160 Side View

Next, they sent the print command from the same laptop to all the three printers and calculated the time each of them took with the help of a stopwatch. The printers had the same task of printing twelve single PDF documents which had a variety of files with low, medium and high coverage. The EcoTank L4160 emerged as the winner each and every time. For instance, when all the three printers were printing the most vividly coloured PDF file (Test file 3), it was seen that the Epson L4160 completed its task at an impressive 26.24 seconds while the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 took an astonishingly long 103.87 seconds, which was almost four times the time EcoTank L4160 took, and the Canon PIXMA G3010 required 80.05 seconds to print, which was more than thrice the time L4160 had taken. And this didn’t just happen one time for that one particular file. L4160 proved itself to be the fastest among all the three printers every single time. Again and again.

Here at Epson, we never cease to innovate, never compromise with excellence and never settle for the ordinary. So rest assured, EcoTank L4160 will take all the hassle out of printing and provide you with outstanding prints at top speed and also ensure that you save money in the process.

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