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Eager to begin the Epson home theatre experience but unsure of where to set up the projector at your place? Stuck in a dilemma of whether to choose the ceiling or the shelf for installation? Fret no more, we have assimilated all the factors you need to know while deciding on what suits your requirements the most.

The Mounting Debate: Shelf vs. Ceiling

‘Shelf’-ish OR un-‘shelf’-ish?

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If you want to keep your expenses in check then mounting your projector on a shelf makes sense because a good ceiling mount comes at a price. Since the shelf is already preinstalled at your place the projector will be easier to set up. No need to worry about cabling and how far the power outlet is because you can always shift the shelf close to one. Easy access also means effortless maintenance as cleaning, servicing or replacing a lamp can be done without much hassle.

However you must ensure that there is at least a 20 cm space between a projector and a wall because the projector might get overheated if there isn’t proper ventilation. You might also need to make sure that your projector comes with a ‘Vertical lens shift’ if the shelf is too high, otherwise the image may appear too high up on the wall.

Should you be Ceiling the Deal?

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Going for a ceiling mount provides you with the freedom of deciding how close to the screen you would want your projector – the closer the screen the brighter the images appear. You also have the liberty of keeping the projector out of everyone’s way and guarantying an uninterrupted viewing experience as people can walk around freely without blocking the light and disturbing the images.

However, opting for the ceiling mount could mean certain inconveniences like extra costs of cabling your device to the nearest power outlet and drilling holes on your roof for installation.

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