Epson M-Series Printers Front View

As businesses grow, so do their printing needs. And with the growth of printing needs, new challenges arise. There are many considerations to keep in mind when picking an office printer that suits your needs. Which printer provides black & white prints at an affordable cost without sacrificing quality? Which brand provides reliable after-sales service? How many pages can be printed before running out of ink? Also which brand is truly environment friendly?

There are various brands in the market that manufacture mono-laser printers which compete for your attention without satisfactorily catering to the needs of a modern office. That’s why we at Epson have designed a range of monochrome Inkjet printer with ink tank technology to address these concerns and a whole lot more.

Why choose a epson m-series printers over mono-laser printers?

 Here are 8 advantages that Epson M-Series InkTank printers have over Mono Laser Printers:

1. Savings
The average mono-laser printer (with an original toner) prints around 2000 pages at Rs.2.74 per print and with a refill toner it prints 1500 pages at 27 paise per page. In contrast, the Epson M-Series InkTank gives you 6000 pages per refill at an unbelievably low cost of 12 paise per page. That translates to thousands of rupees saved every month depending on the print volume.

2. Convenience:
An original laser toner costs around ₹3000 (prints 1500 pages) and will cause significant down-time while you change cartridges. The Epson M-Series, on the other hand, is easy to refill and costs only ₹699 per refill ink bottle giving you the luxury to print 6000 pages. This means more prints at lesser cost and has fewer, hassle-free ink changes!

3. Lower power consumption: 
Most mono-laser printers consume as much as 360 watts of energy and do not work when single phase power is supplied. Powered by the revolutionary Micro Piezo print-head technology, the M-Series printers use as little as 12 watts, ensuring your business is always print ready, even while running on a 600VA UPS.

4. Extremely fast prints:
With our fast paced schedules and lack of time, none of us can afford to wait for prints. Traditional mono-lasers top out at around 18 prints per minute whereas the M-Series printers can churn out up to 34 pages in a minute. That’s almost twice as fast! Less time wasted means higher productivity achieved. 

5. Environment and health friendly printing:
Mono Laser printers’ refill toner powders are harmful plus it contributes to huge e-waste. Epson M-Series printer inks are safe and easy to top-up with small 140 ml bottles that are environmentally conscious. Mono Laser printers also get extremely hot, with the toner fixing unit heating up to as high as 220°C. The M-Series range of printers run much cooler owing in large part to their lower power consumption.

6. Enhanced productivity:
The all-in-one M-Series InkTank is designed to be your one-stop-shop for prints, scans and copies. With the Auto Document Feeder, you can copy and scan at ease without worrying about manually setting it up. That means more productivity for you and your business!      

7. Wireless printing capabilities:
The M-Series printers make wireless printing a breeze with the help of the Epson iPrint app. Wherever you are and whatever device you’re on, all you need to do is hit print.

8. Long lasting and high quality prints:

Epson M-Series Printers

With a high print resolution of up to 1440 dpi and smudge-proof, water resistant prints, rest assured that every print will be far beyond the capabilities of even the most competent mono-laser printer.

With businesses growing increasingly more competitive, it is imperative to consider the impact of every technology that enables it. The need of the hour is for an office printer to be efficient, frugal and cost effective while maintaining high standards of print quality. The Epson M-Series range of printers was built to mirror that very need and ensure that you never have to worry about printing again. If you run a business that needs black & white prints, the M-Series is an upgrade that will never let you down.