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Cricket in India is so much more than just a game and who can argue that watching a match together with friends isn’t the best way to enjoy cricket? Imagine how thrilling a cricket match would be if you and your buddies get to catch all the action on a 300-inch screen!! Nothing short of the stadium experience, all from the comfort of your home.

1. Big Screen Massive Experience
Ready to be enthralled? Epson is going to turn watching cricket into a whole new ‘ballgame’ as home entertainment makes a shift from flat-screen TVs to giant and immersive experiences that home theatre projectors offer. Turn your living room into the hub of all cricketing action with Epson’s home theatre projectors. Bring friends and loved ones together, and watch this season’s cricketing action on the biggest screen there is.

2. Vivid Stunning Display in every Lighting Condition
Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology ensures three times the brightness compared to other projectors with 1-chip DLP technology. So when you choose an Epson projector you are assured of bright, vibrant images be it day or night. Catch every frame of your favourite cricket moments, from every angle.

3. Big Screen. Small Price.
Gone are the days when projectors were the luxury of the elite, and the biggest screen most had access to was in cinema halls. Now, if you were to compare the cost of a 100-inch flat-screen and a 100-inch screen of a projector, you’ll find that owning a projector doesn’t just come at a fraction of the cost of a TV, but it also enhances the viewing experience in a whole new way. A way that, one simply cannot put a price on. Check out Epson’s range of home theatre projectors, starting at just Rs. 58,999/-

Epson Printers and Projectors

Easy Connectivity Always
Epson projectors offer various connectivity options just like any TV does.  VGA, AVI, HDMI ports along with USB for plugging and playing content are all available at your fingertips. You can stream cricket matches live by connecting the projector to your Set-top box, and what’s more, you can even plug in your Amazon Fire Stick or any media streaming devices and watch videos online.

5. Convenient  Placement
As per your budget and convenience, you can install a ceiling-mount projector and keep it out of everyone’s way for an uninterrupted viewing experience or place it on a pre-installed shelf. Whatever be the size of your room, Epson will figure out the best layout for your needs.

Adjustable Viewing Distance
Epson continuously innovates projection technology to enhance your viewing experience. The size of the image can be adjusted to ensure the biggest screen in any room. So no matter how close or far away from the screen one is, everyone gets a fair view of the match.

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