Large screens for larger than life gaming!

So, you are excited about your new console. Well, you should be, and rightly so. After all, you spent time and money to get the best specs to suit your gaming needs and buffed it up with suited controllers and other accessories. But wait a second, is your gaming kit really complete? What are you going to use to view your gameplay? A TV you say. May we offer you a better alternative – consider using an Epson home theatre projector. Here’s why.

1.The 300 inches immersive experience
Games are meant to offer an unreal experience. No wonder game developers invest heavily into more realistic graphics. While virtual reality may become a norm in the future, an ideal choice for an immersive experience today is surely a large screen.

An Epson Home Theatre projector is capable of displaying a screen up to 300 inches in Full-HD and even UHD so you can be sure about being absorbed by the larger than life action.

2.The tech
Screen tearing and lags are just outright annoying. The factors that lead to these disturbances are poor refresh rates and thus response times. While gaming monitors average a refresh rate of 60 Hz and go up to 240 Hz in high-end models, most basic Epson projector models have a refresh rate of 240 Hz with better models going up to 480 Hz.

Simply put, Epson projectors offer seamless rendering of the action irrespective of the type of game you are playing – be it sports, racing or even first-person shooter.

3.Colour Brightness unlike any other
Vivid visuals can make or break the gaming experience. While the brightness stated on most projectors are merely a measure of the white light they offer, the colour light output tends to be much lower than the indicated value. This creates a dull and lifeless visual rendering.

To enjoy the true brilliance of gaming it is better to choose 3LCD projectors - like those from Epson - that offer equal white and colour brightness: that’s approx. 3 times the colour brightness when compared to their 1-chip DLP alternatives.

4.Safer for the eyes
It is common to be lost in the game for long durations of time. While caution must be taken irrespective of whether you are using TVs, gaming monitors or projectors; projectors tend to be kinder to the eyes. TVs and monitors are backlit and emit light that directly hit the eyes, causing immense stress. Projector light on the other hand is reflected off the screen before reaching the eyes.

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