School and paperwork are as inseparable as a fish and water. Think about all the printing you have to do, whether you are a teacher or a parent, and you’re sure to come up with a long list – worksheets, assignments, question papers, projects, and sometimes even notes or accounts. Printing for schoolwork is also a year-round activity, and if you think there might be some printing respite in the summer months, think again.

Many schools get their printing done from the nearby photocopy shops or printers. It’s true that outsourcing printing has its own convenience, but it also costs time, money and effort. Buying a printer for a school can be a great money saving and convenient option in the long run.

Let’s look at the 3 crucial aspects when it comes to outsourcing your prints:


It’s no secret that photocopy printer shops charge many times the cost of actual printing. It’s their business, if they didn’t, they would cease to exist. While it might be convenient to pop over to the photocopy shop down the road for small infrequent quantities, when it comes to printing large volumes regularly, the savings can be eye-opening. That’s not all. Imagine the needless expenditure that arises from errors or mistakes, and we’re looking at wastage of money, time and the environment.

Epson EcoTank printers are the best printers for school use. With a cost per print starting at 7 paise for black* and 18 paise for colour*, it is an extremely economical option. Also, the high page yield of 6000 pages per refill makes it a superb choice to consider. In addition, it consumes very little power and hence can run on a UPS as well, in case of power cuts.


For times when you have to print confidential documents, like test papers, it’s best that the printing is done in-house. Although leaking of confidential documents might be an unlikely outcome, ask yourself if it’s really a risk worth taking. With economical and eco-friendly printers like the Epson’s EcoTank printers, you can print your confidential documents in-house and save on printing costs as well.

Time and effort

Picture this: you’ve just printed out a last batch of question papers before an important test and dash off to the photocopy shop, but it’s closed. Or worse, it’s raining! It must be a frustrating experience to wait for printouts when the class is due. Printing outside is letting go of all control on what could be a straight-forward job if the premises had a printer. The EcoTank range saves you from the panic with high volume, easy, low-cost printing.